LANSING, Mich. — Senator Steve Bieda (D–Warren) issued the following statement of congratulations after the Michigan Education Association’s Representative Assembly elected Fraser public school teacher Paula Herbart to serve as MEA president after Steven Cook, the current president, retires on Aug. 31.

“Paula Herbart will be a valued MEA president. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge after having been an educator for 20 years, and also brings years of experience from her extracurricular capacities serving as president of the Fraser Educational Association and MEA-NEA Local 1. She has made it her mission to help our children realize their fullest potential through music, and upholds the responsibilities and values of the profession of teaching.

“Paula’s election is a testament to the excellence of the Fraser School District. I look forward to working with her to provide our students and faculty with the resources they need to encourage success, and showcase our public schools as the first-class institutions that they are.”