Senate Bill 880 will revise the criteria for psychologists’ doctoral degree programs in Michigan

LANSING–The Michigan House passed Senate Bill 880 this week, legislation sponsored by Senator Vincent Gregory (D–Southfield) that will revise the criteria for the doctoral degree program required for licensure as a psychologist. The bill passed the House unanimously after passing the Senate 37-0 in June 2014.

“I am glad that the House has moved forward on this legislation and we are one step closer to clarifying this issue and helping aspiring psychologists and our schools in Michigan,” said Senator Gregory. “The main intent of this bill is to assist our local colleges and universities that offer a doctoral degree in psychology required for licensure. I am pleased to support our local higher education institutions and the students who are studying to pursue this important profession.”

Senate Bill 880 would delay the deadline by which a doctoral degree program must achieve National Register designation or accreditation in order for an individual holding a degree from the program to be licensed from August 31, 2015, until August 31, 2020. The legislation would also include any program approved by the Michigan Board of Psychology among the doctoral degree programs that qualify an individual for licensure.

SB 880 has been returned to the Senate and awaits finalization before it is sent to Governor Rick Snyder for his signature into law.