LANSING, Mich. — Today Senator Vincent Gregory (D–Southfield) applauded Eastern Michigan University’s (EMU) Board of Regents’ unanimous decision to withdraw from the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) of Michigan.

Sen. Gregory has been critical of the EAA since its inception five years ago, and has raised numerous concerns about its appointment process and subsequent failure to achieve results. Those concerns magnified after federal investigations revealed corrupt spending practices.

“The EAA has fundamentally failed to live up to its promises,” Sen. Gregory said. “We need to stop funneling money into a broken system and start putting it back where it matters — in the classroom.”

EMU’s Board of Regents first approved the local agreement on June 21, 2011, but had the right to withdraw on June 30 of any given year, as long as advance notice was given at least 180 days prior to that deadline. June 30, 2017 will mark the university’s official withdrawal from the EAA.

Sen. Gregory is confident that EMU will continue its long-standing tradition of supporting the teachers and students in Detroit as Lansing lawmakers debate new ways to reform the Detroit Public School system.