LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr. (D–East Lansing) issued the following statement about the failures and problems state employees experienced after the Statewide Integrated Governmental Management Applications (SIGMA) rollout, which was built by the same company responsible for botching the launch of

“We’ve seen it before when nearly 40,000 innocent Michiganders were wrongly mischaracterized as fraudsters after the UIA system failed miserably. Now we have thousands of workers who aren’t being paid properly — including the Michigan State Police who testified that they are unable to determine the amount of hours their officers worked, further jeopardizing public safety — all because this administration prematurely rolled out a computer system that promised more than it could deliver.

“I’m all for technological innovation and pushing the boundaries to make things more efficient for taxpayers, but the SIGMA rollout was clearly another rush job by the governor’s administration to implement inadequate technology and another failure of privatization in Michigan. Michiganders deserve to be paid on time for the work they do, and I will see to it that they are.”