LANSING, Mich. — Today Sen. Morris W. Hood, III (D–Detroit) introduced legislation to reinstate Michigan’s Educational Opportunity Grants.

“We know that a college education sets up individuals for success and translates to a vibrant economic future for our state,” Sen. Hood said. “It’s time to make it easier for Michiganders to seek the future they desire.”

Sen. Hood’s legislation would make a high quality education at a public college or university more accessible.

In 2010, the Michigan Legislature eliminated three financial aid programs that provided assistance to individuals who wanted to return to college. State support for universities has plummeted since 2000, with funding having dropped about 30 percent on a per-student basis. These massive cuts to higher education funding, coupled with a lack of state aid for nontraditional students, has made a college education unattainable for many Michiganders.

“I see thousands of Michiganders doing everything right — they’re playing by the rules, working hard and trying to go to college,” Sen. Hood said. “Yet they’re still finding themselves unemployed and drowning in debt. If we truly value higher education and rebuilding Michigan’s economy, we must continue to invest in our citizens and our colleges and universities.”