LANSING, Mich. — Senate Minority Floor Leader Morris W. Hood, III (D–Detroit) is currently in recovery following complications from a kidney transplant operation that took place on Nov. 30.

He was notified this past Tuesday, Nov. 29, that he was selected as a potential donor recipient.

“Many people wait a lifetime to be matched with a donor,” Sen. Hood said. “Within a matter of hours, I went from being alerted that organs might be made available, to now being on the road to recovery following the operation.” 

Sen. Hood’s transplant operation occurred at the beginning of the Legislature’s lame-duck session, a time when highly controversial issues — such as public pensions — are debated. Because of the procedure, he was unable to attend Senate session on Wednesday, Nov. 30 and Thursday, Dec. 1. 

“As someone elected to represent the residents of the 3rd Senate District, I realize that the timing of my operation was less than ideal,” Sen. Hood said. “Believe me, the decision was not an easy one to make. Our teachers’ pensions — that they have worked hard for and deserve — are in jeopardy, and we must continue to do everything we can to help protect them.”

Sen. Hood is thankful to have had the opportunity to receive the donated kidney, and is grateful to his doctors, nurses and staff for their dedication and excellent medical care.