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About Senator Hood

Morris Hood’s mother and father instilled in him the importance of integrity. Their values came from his grandfather, Morris Hood, Sr., who fought for working people as a leader in the UAW. As a child, Morris watched his father (Morris Hood, Jr.) and uncle (Raymond Hood, Sr.) make a real difference in the lives of thousands of middle class families across the State by serving in the Michigan Legislature.

Morris Hood worked on the assembly line at the Dearborn Engine Plant, and served as an alternate committeeman, helping to make sure that his fellow workers’ rights were protected. His desire to address the larger problems within the community inspired him to run for the 11th District State House seat. He was elected and served in the House of Representatives for 3 terms (6 years). As Chairman of the Joint Capital Outlay Committee, Morris Hood negotiated bipartisan support of over $200 million in state building projects, including $7.5 million for Henry Ford Community College.

After leaving the House of Representatives, Senator Hood was hired by the County of Wayne to be a project manager with their Department of Human Services. In 2010, Senator Hood continued his public service by running and being elected to the 3rd District State Senate seat. He was reelected to the Senate in 2014 and proudly serves the people of Northwest Detroit, the City of Melvindale, and the City of Dearborn.

Senator Hood is very passionate about improving community health and raising the bar for education for all students from pre-kindergarten on through to a college education. He firmly believes in providing a strong foundation for young children so they have the tools for educational success.

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