Amendments were part of Teachers for Michigan, child care legislative bill packages

LANSING, Mich., May 3, 2018 — Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood (D–Taylor) today scored five major legislative victories in the Education budget. The amended budget will benefit educators in the classroom and help families who qualify for the Child Development and Care program.

“We will keep top-notch educators right here in Michigan, cultivate the talent we already have and set our students up for success in the process,” Sen. Hopgood said. “This legislation will help restore the teaching profession and its ranks with the right incentives and tools, making Michigan a place where people want to teach again.”

The amendments adopted in the Education budget will:

  • Create a program for high school students in underrepresented groups to pursue a teaching career;
  • Provide $5 million for TEACH Scholarships for child care providers to attend additional professional development;
  • Create an 11-member council to provide guidance on how to attract, prepare and retain teachers;
  • Increase Child Development and Care reimbursements for families making 150 percent of the federal poverty level to help parents find quality child care for their children; and,
  • Change Child Development and Care reimbursements from hourly to biweekly to provide financial stability.

These amendments are an important step forward to make sure teachers have the resources they need to teach and deliver a world-class education to their students. Some of the items included in the budget today were included in Sen. Hopgood’s 22-bill Teachers for Michigan package, which was introduced on Jan. 25, 2018, capping off eight years of educational budget efforts.

The Education budget passed the Senate with a unanimous vote, and now moves on to the House.