Residents deserve facts and data as they engage in school talks

LANSING – Senator David Knezek (D-Dearborn Heights) announced today that he has secured the funds necessary to complete a feasibility study on the benefits of the unification of South Redford School District and Redford Union School District. The $150,000.00 appropriation is part of an ongoing effort by Senator Knezek to present Redford Township residents with facts and data as they engage in ongoing community conversations surrounding unification; Senator Knezek recently made public presentations on the issue to the Redford Township Board of Trustees, the South Redford Board of Education, and the Redford Union Board of Education.

“I believe this is a big step in the right direction,” said Sen. Knezek, Minority Vice Chair of the Senate Education Committee. “For decades, the residents of Redford Township have talked about a unified school system. This feasibility study will put numbers and facts behind that conversation.”

The $150,000.00 appropriation, announced by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), will be awarded to the South Redford School District in order to conduct the study. During Senator Knezek’s presentations to the South Redford and Redford Union School Boards last year, the Redford Union School Board asked that conversations on unification not continue until a feasibility study could be completed. Weeks ago, the South Redford School District applied for grant funding through the MDE in order to fund such a study; the Redford Union School District did not submit an application for funding.

“I’m taking this conversation very seriously and want to make sure Redford Township residents are offered the most comprehensive information available,” said Sen. Knezek. “It is my plan to work with school district leadership to ensure that this study provides clarity and direction as to how we can best move forward in creating an excellent educational experience for all of Redford Township’s children.  I am confident that this study will include input from experts in the fields of school finance and community culture to discuss how one community with two school districts might enhance itself as one united community with one, stronger school district.”