LANSING, Mich. — Senator David Knezek (D–Dearborn Heights), Minority Vice Chair of the Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee, released the following statement today regarding the Auditor General’s summary report on the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans:

“I was devastated by the Auditor General’s summary findings concerning the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. We owe our veterans and their families a debt of gratitude — not a legacy of heartbreak and mismanaged care.

“Now is not the time for talk. It’s time to take action. Joint investigative hearings, with subpoena power, are necessary and should be held at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans so that we can immediately hear directly from staff members and patients.

“In 2013, the Auditor General issued a report detailing what needed to be fixed in the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. Clearly, that plan was not followed and failed to address the patterns of abuse that we are still seeing today. I cannot simply accept another written plan of action that won’t be followed by government bureaucrats. To ensure that corrective measures are indeed taking place, we must receive detailed monthly reports — with performance metrics — that are validated by a neutral third-party.

“Pinching pennies at the expense of our servicemen and women is deplorable. Our veterans deserve exemplary care, as well as government accountability. I am committed to working together to give our veterans the benefits they earned.”