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About Senator Warren

Our State Senator Rebekah Warren knows the key to Michigan’s success is in its people. That’s why she has steadfastly fought for us over the past 8 years, working to ensure we have access to quality healthcare, good paying jobs, a clean environment, and strong public schools.

A long-time resident of Ann Arbor, Rebekah was first elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2006, where she represented the 53rd District for four years. Now in her second term as State Senator for the 18th District, she is proud to serve the majority of Washtenaw County, an area known for world-class higher education, a vital artistic community, a diverse and engaged citizenry, and so much more.

During her tenure in the Legislature, Rebekah has been an ardent champion of our precious natural resources. As a freshman State Representative, she was chosen to chair the House Committee on Great Lakes and the Environment, where she received statewide acclaim for negotiating the bipartisan passage of landmark legislation effectively banning Great Lakes water diversion. She is now the Democratic Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources, and in 2011, she was appointed to represent Michigan on the prestigious Great Lakes Commission, an interstate compact focused on water use and conservation.

Prior to her work as a lawmaker, Rebekah served as executive director of a statewide women’s healthcare non-profit for seven years. She remains dedicated to these issues, consistently serving as a key sponsor of the Prevention First package to increase access to reproductive health care and family planning services, and to promote comprehensive, medically accurate, sexuality education. She has also played a role in advancing health care parity laws, shepherding the passage of legislation to require health insurance providers to cover the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders, and introducing a bill to establish a licensure program for the practice of applied behavioral analysis.

In addition to the Senate Committee on Natural Resources, she serves as Democratic Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Regulatory Reform, the Senate Committee on Michigan Competitiveness, and the Senate Committee on Economic Development and International Investment, as well as a member of the Senate Committee on Finance. She is also a powerful voice for public education, consistently voting against cuts to the School Aid Fund and sponsoring a constitutional amendment to prohibit the operation of a public school on a for-profit basis.

Recognizing the burden that comes with skyrocketing tuition costs and mounting student loan debt, Rebekah has introduced legislation to create the “Michigan Higher Education Grant Act,” which would award grants to eligible Michigan high school graduates who are seeking higher education in our state. In the meantime, she gives two to three $500 scholarships per year to graduating seniors who live in her district and plan to attend a university, college, technical or trade school.

Throughout her career, Rebekah has become known for reaching across the aisle to pass critical legislation without compromising our values. In the Senate, she helped shepherd a bipartisan bill package to strengthen human trafficking laws in Michigan. She also championed legislation signed into law that protects breastfeeding in public places as a civil right.

Rebekah firmly believes that Michigan stands at a critical juncture in our history. She is honored to serve the citizens of our great state, and looks forward to continuing to work with her colleagues and constituents to ensure it remains an exceptional place to live, work and build a family.

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