Young echoes calls for investigation into Treasury as personal relationship, secret meetings behind firm’s contract raise questions

Senator Coleman A. Young II (D – Detroit) today issued a statement questioning the implications of former Treasurer Andy Dillon’s new job with Conway MacKenzie, a financial consulting firm Dillon helped bring on to handle the City of Detroit’s bankruptcy. A news report by Motor City Muckraker today shows Dillon and Conway MacKenzie CEO Van Conway are long-time cronies, and that Dillon and Treasury officials were meeting exclusively with the firm months before other prospective consultants on Detroit’s bankruptcy.

“This latest news raises the obvious question of whether Andy Dillon helped land this lucrative contract for Conway MacKenzie because of his personal relationship with the company’s CEO, because he was angling for a job with the firm down the road, or both,” said Senator Young. “This is yet another reason for an investigation into the Department of Treasury, but this now also raises serious ethical questions about the role Dillon played as Treasurer steering Detroit into bankruptcy in the first place and then awarding a lucrative contract to a company he now works for.”