Alexander on Elevated Lead Levels in Dearborn Heights Drinking Water

DETROIT — Sen. Betty Jean Alexander (D-Detroit) has issued the following statement after Dearborn Heights water department officialsnotified residents of elevated levels of lead in the drinking water at 30 homes, out of 175 sample sites, with known lead service lines:

“It is discouraging to, once again, see elevated lead levels in residents’ tap water, but — as I’m doing for other parts of my district — I will continue to have discussions with the appropriate authorities on how best to help those affected by this issue. 

“It is also important for people to understand that we are hearing more reports of lead being found in drinking water in cities across Michigan because newer, tougher standards are now being used to protect the public’s health. Water advisories, like the most recent one issued in Dearborn Heights, remind us of how important it is for us to work together and make real investments to improving our aging infrastructure.”

The Wayne County Health Division will provide free water filters for economically disadvantaged residents of Dearborn Heights. For more information, call the Wayne County Public Health Division at (734) 727-7400.


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