Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich on the Senate Passage of Flint Water Supplemental

LANSING, Mich. — Today, the Michigan State Senate unanimously passed a $28 million supplemental to provide relief for Flint and its residents.

“If we’re building a ladder to help these families climb out of this mess, today’s steps are the first few rungs, but we need to be reaching much higher,” said Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich (D-Flint).

In his floor statement, Sen. Ananich stressed the importance of fixing the state’s missteps by providing immediate relief to the entire community.

“We don’t know which residents were most affected. The reality is that the whole city was exposed to the dangers of lead, and it is our responsibility to help them,” Sen. Ananich said.

That help includes providing short- and long-term services to support those who are at highest risk for lead’s negative health outcomes: pregnant women and children. The supplemental will expand proven, evidence based programs like Early On, the Michigan Food Bank Access Network and the Nurse Family Partnership.

By providing preventative services now, experts believe millions of taxpayer dollars can be saved in the long run on health care, special education and criminal justice expenses.

Sen. Ananich and his colleagues will also pursue additional long-term funding to speed up infrastructure improvements and provide reimbursements for residents who have been paying for water they cannot drink.

He is committed to holding the administration and state agencies involved accountable, and ensuring that health, education and public safety are the top priorities now and in the future.



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