Ananich Aims to Protect Seniors from Fee Hike

Senate Bill 71 would prohibit vehicle registration increases for seniors

LANSING, Mich. — Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich (D–Flint) has introduced a bill that would protect seniors from additional financial burdens caused by the roads bill package passed by Republicans last session. The legislation would exempt individuals aged 65 and older from the new increase on vehicle registration fees.  

“The actual revenue from increasing registration taxes on seniors is a drop in the bucket of the estimated $1.6 billion it is going to take to fix our crumbling roads,” Sen. Ananich said. “This fee could make a world of difference to a senior living on a fixed income who has meticulously budgeted for their retirement — and could be the difference between being able to afford prescription medications, paying the bills or keeping up the house. Michigan’s seniors want and deserve stability in their golden years.”

The registration increase is a byproduct of the Republican-led Legislature’s attempt to fund fixes for Michigan’s roads. In addition to raising vehicle registration fees by 20 percent, the plan has also increased the gas tax by nearly 40 percent, but failed to lower truck weight limits.

 “If Lansing won’t require corporations and the wealthiest among us to pay their fair share, we definitely shouldn’t be asking seniors to foot the bill,” Sen. Ananich said. “Michigan should be a place where people want to stay for retirement, but it’s clear that Lansing Republicans will continue to look for every excuse possible to make that financially more difficult.”


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