Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich to Congress: Protect Michigan Sugar Farmers

Resolution calls for limit on foreign sugar flooding U.S. market

LANSING, Mich. — Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich (D–Flint) today called on Congress to intervene on behalf of Michigan’s sugar industry. Lower prices created by unfair subsidies in the world market are causing economic concern for American sugar farmers and refineries. More than 12,000 Michigan jobs rely on sugar, and the industry has a $1.28 billion impact on our state.

“Michigan’s sugar industry is vital to our economy, and right now we’re letting foreign dumping dilute sales and run the market,” Sen. Ananich said. “Today, I am asking Congress to step in to make sure our farmers can sell their product and prevent Mexican subsidies from cheating Michigan workers out of a profit.”
In September 2015, the U.S. Commerce Department confirmed that Mexico was subsidizing its sugar imports, allowing exporters to dump raw sugar into the United States at 40 percent below the market rate. The Mexican government signed a suspension agreement to limit shipments of raw sugar to refineries in the U.S., however a loophole in the agreement allows product to bypass refineries completely and go directly to market. American sugar farmers and processors are in dire need of a working solution to save the U.S. sugar industry.

“Congress needs to do the right thing and stand up for American farmers and sugar refineries. This isn’t a partisan issue — this is a commonsense, economic solution for some our country’s hardest-working folks,” Sen. Ananich said.

Sen. Ananich’s resolution has bipartisan support and has been sent to the Senate Committee on Agriculture.


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