You can safely hand-deliver your ballot to a secure drop box provided by your local clerk. If you’re a Michigan voter, use this tool to find the correct drop box

How to use this tool:

  1. Type in your address or city, OR simply zoom in on the map to the address where you’re registered to vote.
  2. Click on the nearby star(s) to see the information for that ballot drop box or slot.
  3. IMPORTANT: You can only use the drop box(es) in your jurisdiction! Check to make sure the jurisdiction (city/township) is correct for where you live. If it isn’t, click a different star. Most communities only have one, but some have multiple. Be aware that your drop box isn’t always the star that’s closest to you, especially if you live close to another community.
  4. For peace of mind, you can track the status of your ballot, including: A) When your clerk mails it to you, and B) When they receive it back from you.

To request an absentee ballot or look up your voter information, visit michigan.gov/vote.

Note: Some jurisdictions have not reported their drop box locations. If one isn’t listed, contact your local clerk.

Source: List of drop box locations are provided by the Michigan Secretary of State.

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