Bayer resolution recognizes Aphasia Awareness Month

LANSING – Sen. Rosemary Bayer (D-Beverly Hills) today introduced a resolution recognizing June 2019 as Aphasia Awareness Month in Michigan. 

Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder that affects how a person comprehends or formulates speech. It often follows a stroke, brain injury or neurological disorder known as primary progressive aphasia. 

“Aphasia affects 2 million people in the United States, yet most people have never heard of it,” Sen. Bayer said. “Perhaps one of the greatest misunderstandings is that people living with aphasia are somehow less intelligent, but that simply couldn’t be further from the truth.”

There are multiple types of aphasia depending on a person’s communicative abilities, including whether their speech is fluent, if they can comprehend or process words, and whether they are able to repeat words or phrases. It can also affect those who use American Sign Language.

“Surviving a stroke or brain injury is a tough experience, but the aftereffects can be even more difficult,” Sen. Bayer said. “The good news is that there are many resources and support groups to help people who have, or live with, someone with aphasia. That’s what recognizing aphasia this month is all about, and I hope this resolution helps increase awareness about it.”

Aphasia resources and support groups are available through the American Stroke AssociationAmerican Heart Association and National Aphasia Association, as well as online through different forums.


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