Bayer Introduces Bill to Help Municipalities Manage Floods, Stormwater

LANSING, Mich. (July 16, 2021) — On the heels of severe, recent flooding in large parts of Southeastern Michigan and with more storms expected in the area this weekend, Sen. Rosemary Bayer (D–Beverly Hills) has introduced a bill that would help municipalities better prepare for flood events and how they manage the resulting stormwater runoff.

Senate Bill 593 would establish a framework for local municipalities to develop their own stormwater utility system and legally collect fees. However, it does not require they adopt a stormwater management system.

“In the past 14 months, Michigan has experienced devastating and traumatic flooding events in Midland and Detroit,” Sen. Bayer said. “If we are to properly protect our residents from future disasters and our environment from hazardous runoff, we must make sure communities are prepared with stormwater management systems to help combat the effects of such water damage.”

In addition to flooding, stormwater can also have disastrous effects on the environment. According to the University of Michigan, stormwater runoff can cause soil erosion harm to wildlife, flooding, and algae blooms.

“Stormwater utilities are an innovative and flexible way for our communities to reliably and responsibly manage excessive rainfall and our incredibly important water resources,” Sen. Bayer added. “A plan for dealing with stormwater runoff is a plan that also prioritizes the public’s health and safety. Local money dedicated to this issue is just one, optional way we can begin to address any potential infrastructure improvements needed.”


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