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State Senator Rosemary Bayer

Dear Friends, 

The horrific mass shooting at Oxford High School was not only a local tragedy — our global community wept for our children. We have suffered significant loss and heartbreak due to gun violence, and while we cannot change the events that happened in Oxford on that day, we can work together to end gun violence. 

Last Thursday, we held a press conference to make our communities safe — from our schools to our places of worship, movie theaters, shopping malls, public events, and more. Alongside my colleagues in the Firearm Safety and Gun Violence Prevention Caucus, we introduced bills to strengthen public safety and encourage responsible gun ownership. 

Thank you for signing on in support of our efforts at Can you help us keep the momentum going? 

The majority party in the Michigan Legislature has repeatedly ignored our pleas and squandered opportunities to pass responsible and commonsense gun safety bills. We need to add more supportive voices to our call of creating a safer Michigan and tell the majority to act on this important legislation — that could potentially save lives and prevent future tragedies from happening.  

ACT NOW >> Forward this email to friends and family so they can add their name at and demand action to end gun violence.  

It would also be helpful if you could share my tweets with your followers so we can get enough support to demand committee hearings for this list of commonsense gun legislation.  

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If you are an Oxford student, or the parent of one, or a community member, please let me know how I can best help you. You can call my office at (517) 373-2417, email me at or DM me @rosemarybayer on Twitter. 

Working together toward a safer Michigan,  

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Rosemary Bayer
State Senator
12th District

As an elected representative, I believe in being readily available and transparent because my office is your office.

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