A guide on Michigan Elections: How to Register. How to Vote.

// on Fri, Aug 19 2022 / Newsletter

Dear Friend, Voting is one of the most fundamental rights of a functioning democracy. Any U.S. citizen who is at least age 18 on Election Day is eligible to vote — but before you can cast a ballot, you must register. Voter registration forms are… Read More

Senator Bayer on Healthcare

// on Tue, Apr 26 2022 / Newsletter

Dear Friends,I hope you are safe and healthy as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic together and the changes it has made to our lives. Now more than ever, it’s evident that health care is a fundamental issue in our district and across the… Read More

Year in Review

// on Wed, Jan 26 2022 / Newsletter

Dear Friends,I hope this newsletter finds you and your families safe and healthy as we head into 2022. Reflecting on this past year and the devastating tragedy at Oxford High School, it is more important than ever that we care for each other.Every Michigander deserves… Read More

Legislative Update: A Focus on Families

// on Mon, Aug 23 2021 / Newsletter

Friends,There is no doubt that the past year and a half has been difficult and traumatic. The pandemic impacted families across the world and certainly right here in Michigan. If you suffered from COVID-19 or lost a loved one to this dreadful disease, my sincerest… Read More

Working for You!

// on Mon, Aug 2 2021 / Newsletter

Dear Neighbor, It is an honor to serve as your state senator, but it’s an even greater honor to try to help people in our community get back to work. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people underemployed or unemployed, and exacerbated problems with employment… Read More

Bookmark Coloring Sheet

// on Wed, Feb 24 2021 / Newsletter

March is Reading Month. Download this Michigan bookmark and let your kids color it. Enjoy!… Read More

State Senator Bayer Senior Services

// on Fri, Jan 29 2021 / Newsletter

Dear Friends,The challenges we faced in 2020 were unlike any other as we dealt with the impact of COVID-19 in our communities, and I hope this newsletter finds you and your families safe and healthy as we embark upon another year.As your State Senator, my… Read More


// on Tue, Aug 4 2020 / Newsletter

MICHIGAN ELECTION GUIDE This year, an incredibly important election will take place and I want you to have the information you need to be prepared. We don’t know what the future holds or how this election will look as we continue to navigate our way… Read More


// on Tue, Feb 4 2020 / Newsletter

Dear Neighbors: My first year in office has been an exciting challenge with so many opportunities to make our community better. We have been working hard in Lansing to ensure we fight for the things that matter to people in Oakland County. Every letter, email… Read More

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