LANSING, Mich. — Today, Senate Majority Leader Winnie Brinks (D-Grand Rapids) issued the complete list of committee titles and assignments for the Michigan Senate. Keeping consistent with her commitment to delivering solutions for the people of Michigan and the specific challenges faced by our state, Sen. Brinks has added focuses on labor, housing, civil rights, public safety, and emergency services to the scope of committee work.  

“The most important work of the Legislature happens in the humble committee meeting,” Sen. Brinks (D-Grand Rapids) said. “It’s where problems are identified and people can participate in shaping policy solutions. We have a tremendous group of committee chairs who hail from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds, making them uniquely equipped to handle the challenges that will come before them. Our majority is for the people, and as such, this pragmatic and people-focused group has been tasked with ensuring a range of Michigan voices are heard and reflected in everything we do.” 

The complete committee roster is attached.