Sen. Bullock: ‘Banning Open Carry on Election Day Right Call’

LANSING, Mich. — Today, Michigan Legislative Black Caucus Chair and Senator Marshall Bullock (D-Detroit) released the following statement after Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced that open carry of firearms would be prohibited at the polls on Election Day, while still allowing concealed carry under certain conditions:

“Black people have been fighting for the right to be treated equally under a system that was made to suppress and omit their voices from the conversation of leadership in this country. For decades, they have fought — with many giving their lives — for our constitutional right to vote. Our willingness to be an active participant in our democracy is a power that no one can take away from us, regardless of the ever-growing racial divide that has brought fraught relations and death to our communities.

“We support Sec. Benson’s decision in the wake of threats of violence from voices that espouse anti-government and white supremacist views, and who have been egged on with calls, dog whistles, and fearmongering by people at various levels of government. Ensuring that the right to vote is protected is wise and of paramount importance.”


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