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Dear Neighbor, 

October was another incredibly busy month in Senate District 6! We have been all around the district listening to your concerns and meeting with community members to better serve you.  

I am proud of the work we are doing in Lansing to better the lives of residents, and I will never stop fighting for you.  

Featured in this newsletter:  

  • Redford Drink Water Public Advisory 
  • Upcoming Events 
  • Legislative Update  
  • District Updates 

In service,  


Mary Cavanagh
State Senator
District 6


Redford Drinking Water Public Advisory 

I have been in contact with the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) regarding the Lead Action Level exceedance found during routine testing of tap water in the Charter Township of Redford. 

In accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Redford Township Water Department tested 31 homes with known lead service lines. Of the homes tested, four homes showed levels exceeding the Lead Action Level, triggering a public awareness and education campaign. 

I am continuing to work with both EGLE and Redford Township to ensure residents have the most up-to-date information and are able to take steps to ensure the safety of their drinking water. 

Residents who receive water from Redford Township Water Department are eligible for a filter at no cost if they live in a home where a Medicaid-enrolled child under age 19 or a Medicaid-enrolled pregnant person resides. 

From Tuesday, October 31 to Friday, November 3, 2023, water filters (PUR and BRITA) will be distributed to eligible Redford Township residents from 2:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the Redford Township Community Center, 12121 Hemingway (north of Plymouth Rd, west of Beech Daly Rd.) Redford, MI 48239. There will also be a mobile health unit provided by the Wayne County Health Department onsite to conduct lead blood testing. 

Eligible residents who are unable to attend the onsite lead filter distribution can pick up a faucet water filter beginning on November 6, 2023, at the Leo Snage Public Services Building at 12200 Beech Daly Road, Redford, MI 48239 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Additional resources for Redford residents: 

  • Redford Township Water Department created a website with information on further resources, click here to learn more.  
  • Wayne County Department of Health, Human & Veterans Services is available to answer any health-related questions at or call the Public Health Community Hotline at 866-610-3885. 
  • If you would like your water sampled, find the list of certified labs at
  • If you have a lead water service line and would like to participate in the Township’s water sampling program, contact Redford Township Water Department at 313-387-2670 or visit 
  • To contact the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), call Environmental Assistance toll free at 800-662-9278. Additional information is available at 
  • To contact the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), call toll free at 800-648-6942. Additional information is available at
Upcoming Event

Please join me at my upcoming Community Conversation on Friday, November 3. I will give updates on the work I’ve been doing in Lansing, discuss important issues in our community and much more.  

We hope to see you there! 

WHEN: Friday, November 3, 2023, from 4:30-5:30 p.m. 
WHERE: Farmington Community Library, 23500 Liberty St, Farmington, MI 48335 


Legislative Update 

Affordable Care Act Codification 

A bicameral package, HB 46194623 and SB 356358, codifies the Affordable Care Act in Michigan law that would prohibit discrimination (i.e. gender, age, location, disability); prohibits the denial of coverage based on preexisting conditions; requires that dependents qualify for health insurance until the age of 26; and many other important aspects of the ACA. I was honored to sponsor a bill in this package prohibiting insurance companies from rescinding coverage based on unexpected life-saving procedures.  

These bills were signed into law in October 2023.  

Veteran’s Property Tax Exemptions 

A bipartisan package, SBs 330, 364 and 176, eliminates the requirement for 100% disabled veterans to file an annual property tax exemptions, starting in the 2025 tax year. I was honored to sponsor a bill in this legislation to alleviate a burden faced by those who have given so much to our state and country. In addition, given the hardships facing the entire veteran’s family, for the first time in Michigan, this package also extends the exemption to surviving spouses.  

This package was signed into law in October 2023.  

Clean Energy 

SBs 271, 273 and 502 would set clean and renewable energy standards, increase efficiency targets and expand the role of the Michigan Public Service Commission to prioritize Michigan residents. The legislation creates benchmarks and metrics, including establishing a 100% clean energy standard set to be achieved by 2040 and requiring electric utilities to achieve a minimum of 1.5% annual electric energy efficiency savings. 

The package also includes SB 519, which would create the Community and Worker Economic Transition Office within the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity to assist workers and communities during the state’s renewable energy transition, supporting job growth and helping the state’s economy evolve.  

Prop 2: Election Expansion & Protection 

With the passage of an overwhelmingly supported ballot initiative in 2022, legislation to implement Proposal 2 passed the Michigan Senate this fall. These bills set up a minimum of 9-days early voting, 1 time filling and pre-paid postage for absentee ballots and expansion on ballot drop boxes for registered voters.  

I was proud to sponsor both SB 590 and 591, which would create a standard legal structure for presidential and vice presidential candidates who wish to contest the results of an election without delaying the federal timeline or certification of the election process.  

Lead Testing for Children 

SB 31 requires all children to be tested for lead poisoning at 1 and 2 years old, again at 4 years old if they live in an area with a high lead poisoning risk, and at least once between 2-6 years old if the child has never been tested before. 

This bill was signed into law in October 2023. 

MSHDA Bond Cap Increase  

SB 397 amends the State Housing Development Authority Act to increase MSHDA’s outstanding bonds and notes limit. I am proud to have sponsored this bill that will allow MSHDA to continue providing affordable housing opportunities to all Michiganders. 

This bill was signed into law in October 2023.  

Auto No-Fault Reform 

I, alongside my colleagues Sens. Anthony and Moss, have introduced SBs 530, 531 and 575, which seek to address the unintended consequences of the 2019 Auto No-Fault reforms that stifled access to care for survivors of auto accidents. 

The legislation addresses the three most urgent components that have directly impacted survivors and those providing specialized care. (1) Modifying reimbursements to develop a more consistent rate among those providing services to accident survivors, (2) establishing rates for specialized services needed that are not currently defined, ensuring care remains available to survivors, and (3) extending support to families and loved ones who make the decision to care for survivors.  

Make It In Michigan 

Partnering with my colleague, Sen. McMorrow, to reform Michigan’s economic development tool that maintains competitiveness, SBs 559562, and 569 refocus business incentives on the prosperity it will bring to communities, workers, residents and the future of Michigan. This package modifies clawbacks, timelines, transparency and the criteria considered for companies wanting to develop in our beautiful state that reflect your democratic values: bringing residents out of poverty, supporting diversity and equity within our state and prioritizing lasting benefits in our workforce, environment, communities and families. 


SBs 579581 create the High-Income Regional Employment in Michigan (HIRE MI) Program that would allow a tax capture for businesses that create new jobs in this state within a defined timeline. I introduced this legislation alongside my colleague Sen. Singh with the aim of reshaping an economic development tool that would support current and future businesses in creating high-wage, permanent jobs in Michigan. I was honored to lead these efforts in reimagining Michigan’s economic future and success.   

Language Access 

Sen. Stephanie Chang and I have introduced Senate Bills 382 and 383, which would ensure that state departments and agencies make accommodations to provide equal language access in its services and resources, such as oral language services and translation of vital documents. Michigan’s communities are a mosaic of diversity, and limited English proficiency should not be a barrier to receiving important information and resources from the state.  

Prescription Drug Affordability 

SB 483485, introduced by Sens. Camilleri, Klinefelt and McDonald Rivet, would create a Prescription Drug Affordability Board that would advise the state on acceptable prescription drug costs in Michigan and set upper payment limits for drugs with rapidly increasing costs, burdening our residents who need it most. 

This legislation would hold bad actors in the pharmaceutical industry accountable and lower costs of critically necessary medication, putting more money back in the pockets of Michiganders. As Chair, I held testimony and voted these bills out of my Senate Finance, Insurance, and Consumer Protection Committee, prior to them passing the Senate and being sent over to the Michigan House of Representatives.  

Reproductive Health Act 

11 bills in the House and 6 bills in the Senate have been introduced as the Reproductive Health Act. These bills would remove unnecessary barriers to abortion access in Michigan such as 24 hour waiting periods and ambulatory setting requirements that would put Michigan law in line with the passage of Proposal 3. The Senate Bills in this package have passed through the Senate and 6 of the House bills have passed through the House. 

I am proud to have introduced SB 477 as a part of this package which allows for institutions of higher education to provide information on abortion resources to their students which, under current law, is prohibited. 


District Updates 

October has been an exciting month in Senate District 6. 

We attended numerous events this month — including the 10th Annual African American Leadership Awards, the Black Slate 50th Anniversary Gala, presented tributes to this year’s inductees into the Livonia Hall of Fame, provided legislative updates at community clubs and neighborhood organizations, and more!

As Chair of the Michigan Latino Legislative Caucus, I proudly welcomed Governor Whitmer to Detroit in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month with my fellow Latino Caucus colleagues and many prominent members of the Latino and Hispanic communities. 

I continued presenting the district’s communities with checks representing the funding I advocated for in the Fiscal Year 2024 state budget for District 6. I am incredibly proud to bring $16 million in investments directly back to our community. 

Check presentation for the Farmington Hills Fire Department’s Emergency Operations Center 

Check presentation for the North Rosedale Park Civic Association Community House

Check presentation for Redford Township’s Wellness Center & Parks