LANSING, Mich. (Feb. 7, 2024) — Sen. Mary Cavanagh (D-Redford Twp.) issued the following statement in response to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s 2025 executive budget recommendation presented to the Senate and House appropriations committees this morning. Sen. Cavanagh chairs the Senate Appropriations subcommittees for the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity/Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs/Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services.

“Being fiscally responsible isn’t just about today — it’s about setting our state up for ongoing success. In last year’s budget, we not only addressed immediate needs, but also kept a pulse on what will benefit our state for generations to come. By making strategic investments in projects with long-lasting returns and setting resources aside in our rainy day fund, we’re able to secure Michigan’s future and ensure our state remains a great place to settle down, to raise a family, and find economic opportunity and success.

“We successfully secured major wins for Michigan workers and families last year as part of the LEO/MEDC budget, including significant investment in housing and funding for Michigan Reconnect, Going PRO and other programs to improve access to a skills certificate or higher education — and the higher-paying jobs that can come with them. In this next budget, we have the opportunity to invest in our state’s talent leading to economic prosperity and population growth. Continued advocacy for small businesses, as well as continued funding to prioritize housing access right now and put additional investments into the Michigan Housing and Community Development Fund to support future housing initiatives around the state will be critical for Michigan’s future.

“Investing in Michigan’s future means recognizing the limitless potential within our people and communities. By betting on the innovation, ingenuity and tenacity of Michiganders, we can cultivate high-paying jobs, strengthen worker’s talent to succeed in emerging industries, create vibrant places to thrive, and invest in our small local businesses. As we sit down to outline next year’s budget, I look forward to working with Gov. Whitmer and my legislative colleagues to prioritize meaningful investments in Michigan residents, so we can achieve a prosperous future for all.”