DETROIT (Nov. 14, 2022) — Sen. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) today issued the following statement on the day of the Wayne County Facility Inclusion Committee public hearing about the proposed expansion of the Riverview landfill, a site that has been a longstanding issue of concern because of its significant, negative health impacts on residents living nearby:

“Downriver residents have long shared their concerns about odor, noise, and emissions from truck traffic; the impact on quality of life and property values; deteriorating roads; and potential environmental pollution and contamination at the Riverview landfill site. I am inspired by all the continued engagement from residents who are speaking up passionately about this issue.

“While the expansion proposal has been amended since its early days, it is clear that too many of the problems have gone unaddressed since the last time the proposed expansion was considered. I urge Wayne County to prioritize public health and quality of life and reject the proposed landfill expansion. Until the plan to expand the Riverview landfill provides real solutions to the serious health and environmental issues being raised by our community members, it will not have my support.”