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Gun violence is a leading cause of early death in this country, killing tens of thousands a year, and it is the number one cause of death for American youth. From the mass shooting at Oxford High School in 2021 to the shooting at Michigan State University, there have been 34 mass shootings in Michigan that have injured or killed at least four people. The reality is that the omnipresent danger gun violence poses to our society and our fellow Michiganders is not going to change until we change our policies.

Michigan Democrats have introduced widely embraced common-sense gun legislation that will save lives from being lost to mass shootings, homicides, suicides, and accidents. These proposals have been developed with input from state and national experts, public safety officials, parent advocacy groups and responsible gun owners. Together, these bills will help keep our fellow Michiganders from harming themselves or others, intentionally or accidentally, while also respecting Michigan’s hunting, farming, and sporting traditions.

This common-sense gun legislation has been proven effective at saving lives and is supported by Michiganders across the state:


  • Universal background checks save lives by ensuring people convicted of violent crimes like domestic violence cannot purchase guns and cause more harm.
  • Extreme Risk Protection Order laws, also known as “red flag” laws, will save lives by giving families and law enforcement the tools needed to temporarily remove guns from the hands of people who have threatened to hurt themselves or others.
  • Safe storage laws will save lives by ensuring responsible gun owners keep their firearms secure from children and prevent their firearms from falling into the wrong hands and being used to commit a crime. 


On Wednesday, February 8, Gov. Whitmer introduced her executive budget proposal to lower costs, grow our economy, and build a brighter future for Michiganders. The budget proposal includes investments to put money back in people’s pockets, help students thrive in school, put more people on paths to higher education and good-paying jobs, improve public health, keep our communities safe, and rebuild our infrastructure—all without raising taxes by a dime.

Highlights include:

  • $614 million increase in per pupil funding, for a $458 per pupil increase (5%), to guarantee at least $9,608 per student. Also includes 5% increases for categories such as at-risk students, special education students and English language learners.
  • $300 million toward mental health services and $318 million for school safety over two years.
  • $280 million for water infrastructure projects, including service line replacements, water treatment facility upgrades and stormwater management systems.
  • $200 million for regional empowerment grants, with additional $100 million for downtown development grants.
  • $160 million to provide for universal school breakfast and lunch.
  • $150 million for insulin affordability and manufacturing attraction.
  • $140 million to temporarily expand Michigan Reconnect from age 25 to age 21.




Coffee Hour with Sen. Chang
WHEN: Friday, February 24, 2023, from 10 – 11 am
WHERE: Tim Hortons, 25100 Ryan Road, Warren, MI 48091

Coffee Hour with Rep. Mike McFall and Sen. Chang
WHEN: Friday, March 10, 2023, from 12 – 1 pm
WHERE: Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe, 71 Oakman Blvd, Highland Park, MI 48203

Coffee Hour with Rep. Donavan McKinney and Sen. Chang
WHEN: Friday, March 24, 2023 from 10 – 11 am
WHERE: Farwell Recreation Center, 2711 Outer Drive, Detroit, MI 48234

Thank you! As always, if you have any questions or ideas you’d like to share, please contact my office at (517) 373-7346, (313) 922-6949 or


Stephanie Chang 
State Senator
District 3