Dear Neighbor,

Welcome to my first e-newsletter! It has been an exciting month so far in Lansing, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work together with my colleagues to come up with legislation that supports Michiganders across the state, but most importantly here in our community. Read on for helpful updates and resources.

Lowering MI Costs Plan

Governor Whitmer, Senate Majority Leader Brinks, and Speaker of the House Tate have officially announced the Lowering MI Costs Plan. This plan will deliver the largest tax cut in Michigan in decades by repealing the retirement tax, increasing the Working Families Tax Credit, and providing an inflation relief check for all Michigan taxpayers. We know that the last few years have been financially difficult for many folks. Too many people live one car payment, one rent check, one medical challenge away from serious financial trouble. We are committed to addressing those very real strains, and to helping put money back in your pocket.

I look forward to supporting this plan when it comes to the Senate floor for a vote.  

Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights

Sen. Moss introduced Senate Bill 4, which would amend the Elliott-Larsen Civil Right Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity or expression as categories that are protected from discrimination. Our state of is home to over 373,000 LGBTQ+ people who deserve the same protection and freedom from discrimination that any other Michigan resident can count on. This week, the bill passed out of the Senate Civil Rights, Judiciary, and Public Safety Committee, the first time in 40 years a bill to include LGBTQ protections has passed out of a state legislative committee.

I am pleased to be a co-sponsor on this bill, and I look forward to supporting its passage when it comes to a vote on the Senate floor.

Committee Assignments

I am honored to be serving as the Chair of the Labor Committee, Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee, and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee this Legislative Session. In addition, I will be serving as the Vice Chair of the Natural Resource and Agriculture Committee.

See below for the full list of the Senate Committees I will be serving on: 

District Map

The newly re-districted Senate District 27 now includes parts of Burton and all of Clayton Township, Flint, Flint Township, Flushing, Flushing Township, Gaines Township, Grand Blanc, Grand Blanc Township, Mount Morris, Mount Morris Township, Mundy Township, and Swartz Creek. For an interactive map of our district, visit my website.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions, ideas, or concerns you’d like to share, please feel free to reach out to my office. We are here to help!

Phone: (517) 373-0142

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Stay tuned! I look forward to sharing more exciting legislative updates, community events, and other helpful resources in upcoming e-newsletters.



John Cherry
State Senator
District 27