Sen. Hertel and Rep. Hoadley Issue Resolution to Memorialize Victims of Gun Violence

LANSING, Mich. — State Senator Curtis Hertel, Jr. (D–Meridian Township) and State Representative Jon Hoadley (D–Kalamazoo) have introduced a resolution that would mark Dec. 9 through Dec. 16, 2015, as a week to remember those killed or injured by gun violence.
The resolution highlights the tremendous toll gun violence has taken on our nation. Since 1968, more Americans have died due to domestic gun violence than in all wars in our nation’s history — a number that isn’t dropping. More than 30,000 Americans are shot and killed each year, many of them children.
“That’s appalling,” Sen. Hertel said. “Representative Hoadley and I are committed to making Michigan a safe place for all of our citizens to work, live and learn, and that means working to reduce gun violence.”
Linda Brundage from the Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence applauds the resolution.
“We appreciate Senator Hertel and Representative Hoadley’s leadership on this tough issue,” Brundage said. “More than 90,000 people have been killed by guns since Sandy Hook, and it’s time to act.”
Both lawmakers hope that increased awareness will give Michiganders time to peacefully reflect on the epidemic of gun violence facing our nation, and to consider next steps.
“Enough is enough,” Rep. Hoadley said. “We must turn our thoughts and prayers into action and work hard to keep guns out of dangerous hands.”
The Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence will hold a vigil featuring community faith leaders at 5 p.m., December 9, at the State Capitol Building.
“It’s with heavy hearts that we’re holding this vigil,” Brundage said. “But given the string of tragedies our nation has suffered, we need to provide an opportunity to reflect, unite and act.”
The resolution has been referred to the committee on Government Operations, which has yet to have any meeting dates scheduled.
“We are urging a hearing on these resolutions, but the fact that the Republican majority did not just pass them on the floor and sent them straight to a committee — that happens to be notorious for inaction on bills that they don’t agree with — leads me to believe they will just sit there,” Sen. Hertel said. “I certainly hope they recognize the importance of these resolutions and act upon them.”

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