Senate Democrats on Republicans’ Repeal of Prevailing Wage

LANSING, Mich., June 6, 2018 — Members of the Michigan Senate Democratic Caucus issued the following statements today after Senate Republicans voted to repeal Michigan’s prevailing wage law:
Democratic Floor Leader Morris Hood III (D–Detroit)
“We are elected to serve the people and be their voice. Republicans chose to ignore them today. It’s shameful.”
Sen. Steve Bieda (D–Warren)
“My colleagues on the other side of the aisle just opened the floodgates for taxpayer contracts to be scooped up by foreign and out-of-state companies — essentially sending pink slips to Michigan workers, telling them their talent is no longer valued here. Michigan workers should be first in line for Michigan jobs.”
Sen. Ian Conyers (D–Detroit)
“We’re seeking investments for our students to have the opportunity to learn skilled trades and flourish — this repeal is a direct contrast to this. If Republicans think the Amazons or Foxconns will move to this state without an investment in talent and wages, they are sorely mistaken.”
Sen. Vincent Gregory (D–Lathrup Village)
“Study after study has confirmed that states with prevailing wage are safer than states without prevailing wage. As lawmakers, we were elected to protect our citizens, not put them in danger.”
Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr. (D–East Lansing)
“Repealing prevailing wage does nothing to protect taxpayers. It does nothing to support our workers. Instead, repealing prevailing wage undercuts both to give wealthy corporations even larger profits.”
Sen. David Knezek (D–Dearborn Heights)
“Today’s vote by Senate Republicans defies logic. It’s ironic that at a time when we have a critical skills shortage in Michigan, and when we know we need to focus on increasing wages, the repeal of prevailing wage just lowered paychecks and training opportunities for our hardworking citizens.”
Sen. Hoon-Yung Hopgood (D–Taylor)
“Lowering paychecks and creating more dangerous work conditions are not what hardworking Michiganders asked for, nor should it be decided here — matters of such critical importance should be left up to voters.”
Sen. Rebekah Warren (D–Ann Arbor)
“Prevailing wage is a policy that has stood the test of time with projects coming in on time and on budget — the repeal of a program that has lasted so long deserves more consideration than it was given today. Rigorous, academic, sound studies have repeatedly shown that repealing prevailing wage is not a good idea and leads to decreased quality of workmanship and more dangerous job conditions, along with a decrease in training and apprenticeship programs.”
Sen. Coleman A. Young II (D–Detroit)
“Prevailing wage is not just about paying workers what they are worth. It’s about the middle-class being able to provide for their children so that they have a better life and ensuring that the next generation has an opportunity better than the one before it. What Republicans did today is wrong, and the people should have a voice — we must lift while we climb. The people of Michigan deserve better.”

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