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Detroit is — and always will be — home. I believe the people make this city great — the neighbors asking how you’re doing, the friends who know the best spot to eat at any given time and day, and the movements that begin here. Like any big city, we have room for improvement. But what we don’t need is federal troops coming in and handling our affairs for us.

Recently, it has been implied that the city of Detroit cannot handle its own affairs regarding civil unrest. I’d like to reassure anyone concerned that this is not the case. We know the people are of the finest character and will continue to conduct themselves peacefully.

I also want to remind folks that if you are protesting, you have rights! The American Civil Liberties Union has put together this helpful guide for what you should and shouldn’t do in various protesting scenarios, including if you’re apprehended by the police or federal officials. Please stay respectful and especially stay safe — and continue to look out for your friends and loved ones.

We’ll get through this trying time together, just as we always have.

Coming Soon: Episode 22 of #WeCanDoBetter Podcast — I will interview our Wayne County Prosecutor.

Doing More for Detroit: District Exchange

This week, my colleague, Sen. Tom Barrett (R-Charlotte), joined me in district to learn more about a few of the major priorities our city needs when it comes to funding from the state budget. Among our highlights:

Next Week’s Primary Election: What to Do with Your Absentee Ballot

If you have an absentee ballot, you should drop it off at your local drop box or clerk’s office as soon as possible. Michigan law states all ballots must be received by the clerk by 8 p.m. on August 4 in order to be counted for that election. Voters may only return their ballot to the drop box of their city or township.

>> A list of ballot drop boxes is available online.

Do you still need a ballot? All absentee ballot requests should now be made in person at your local clerk’s office, and with the possibility of postal delays ahead of the primary, you should prepare to both request and vote your ballot in the same visit. Ballots can be requested, filled out and immediately returned to the clerk now through 4 p.m. on August 3. Those still needing to register and then request and fill out a ballot can do so at their clerk’s office now through 8 p.m. on August 4.

Boost Up! Digital Hub Launched to Help Michigan Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented significant hurdles for people in obtaining or maintaining a good-paying job. The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) might have an answer.

LEO has launched a new digital hub to help Michigan workers expand their opportunities in an evolving economy — whether you’re looking to return to work, explore in-demand careers, learn new skills, or take the first step toward a degree or certificate. The digital hub features a range of online learning and career exploration options, including free opportunities, for Michigan residents to consider while navigating the COVID-19 economy.

The site also provides a new Return-to-Work Playbook to assist those preparing to enter the workforce, find their next job, or discover another one in a national economy that has seen the highest unemployment rates in 100 years. The Playbook offers career and job-readiness resources such as step-by-step instructions for developing resumes, preparing for interviews, exploring new career paths, and finding free or inexpensive job training opportunities.

Check it out at Michigan.gov/SkillstoWork. Industry and occupational-specific resources are available for in-demand careers, as well as additional resources to assist certain individuals including veterans, people with disabilities, migrant and seasonal farm workers, and adult learners.

Michigan Drivers, Businesses Save Nearly $97 million on Auto Insurance

Michigan’s new auto insurance law took effect on July 1, meaning when your policy renews or you’re in the market for a new one, you now have options to lower your cost by modifying your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage and Bodily Injury and Property Damage (BI/PD) overage, respectively. Your total premium and potential savings are largely dependent on these two factors. To learn more about PIP, visit here, and for BI/PD, visit here.

Another benefit of the new auto insurance law is the increased authority the MIchigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) has when it comes to rate-setting by insurers.

Recently, DIFS estimated Michigan consumers would see an estimated savings of $965,767,175 million as a result of orders requiring insurers provide adjustments or credits for worker’s compensation policies and partial refunds of auto insurance premiums (due a significant drop in claims amid the COVID-19 pandemic).

In three separate orders, (Order Nos. 2020-10-M2020-11-M, and 2020-13-M), DIFS required insurers offering worker’s compensation or automobile insurance policies to file plans with the department to issue adjustments, credits, endorsements, or refunds, as appropriate, due to reduced utilization during COVID-19, or otherwise demonstrate why such plans were not warranted at that time. The orders also required detailed communication plans to inform policyholders about the refunds, credits, or adjustments and how they will be applied.

Drivers or businesses with questions about their refunds or adjustments should contact their insurance company or agent to determine when, and in what form, they will receive their savings. DIFS has a consumer hotline to assist policyholders with questions or disputes that cannot be directly resolved with their insurers. Contact DIFS Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 877-999-6442 or file a complaint at Michigan.gov/DIFScomplaints.

Every Michigander Counts. Be sure to complete your Census 2020 form!

Take less than 10 minutes to provide 10 years of benefits to our communities. Learn more at Michigan.gov/Census2020

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