Senator Hollier to Introduce Resolution, Seek Unanimous Support Condemning Insurrection at US Capitol

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Adam Hollier (D-Detroit) will introduce a Senate Resolution during the first session of the Michigan Senate this Wednesday that condemns the attempted coup of the U.S. Capitol by rioters and supporters of President Donald Trump.

To date, the attack on the Capitol has resulted in five deaths — including a Capitol police officer — and the resolution emphatically demands that there is no place for further undermining the results of the November 2020 election.

“What happened in Washington, D.C. last week was nothing short of sedition and the actions by anyone who helped take part in that day, whether by disseminating misinformation and conspiracy theories or encouraging people to revolt, should be condemned by every single elected official,” Sen. Hollier said. “Leaders around the country must be unanimous in saying these terrorists who broke the law were not patriots and they need to be held responsible for their criminal actions.”

The Electoral College met on Jan. 6, in a joint session of Congress to put the final stamp on an election that saw record turnouts for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. The procedural certification of states’ electoral votes was interrupted by rioters who tried to take control of the U.S. Capitol Building and who allegedly planned to take hostages and possibly murder elected officials.

The false narrative, for which no evidence exists, of widespread voter fraud has been pedaled by Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, who has said the current investigation of ‘election fraud’ remains one of his top priorities that may go “well into 2021,” according to The Detroit News.

“The phrase ‘election fraud’ is a dog whistle and code for finding ways that the votes cast by minorities in cities like Detroit can be tossed,” Sen. Hollier said. “The Republican-led investigation into Black and Brown votes is racially motivated and nothing less, and these committee oversight hearings need to stop. In the United States, we count every single vote, and this continued assault on our democracy — because they can’t accept the fact that their candidate lost — is shameful.”


>> Watch Sen. Hollier’s video remarks on this resolution.

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