Legislation will expand the “bottle bill” to include 10-cent deposit to all non-carbonated beverages except for milk containers 


LANSING, Mich. (June 29, 2023) — Sen. Sean McCann (D-Kalamazoo) and Rep. Christine Morse (D-Texas Twp.) reintroduced legislation this week to update and modernize Michigan’s recycling system by expanding Michigan’s “Bottle Bill” law. 


Senate Bill 453 and House Bill 4904 would extend Michigan’s current 10-cent deposit on certain soft drinks, beer, and other carbonated beverages to all other non-carbonated beverages, except for milk containers. 


“Over 40 years ago, Michigan became a pioneer with its historic ‘Bottle Bill’ to promote recycling and prevent littering,” said Sen. McCann. “To this day, it is our state’s most widely used and accepted state conservation program. We have an opportunity and responsibility to expand upon the success of the iconic legislation from the 1970s. There is no good reason that some of our plastic, glass and aluminum water bottles, and other singleuse containers are not returnable when we have a functioning system that consumers and retailers are familiar with. We must act to protect our future by expanding our beverage container recycling system to keep bottles and cans out of landfills now!” 


“By updating our current bottle return system and adding additional incentives, we can continue to solidify Michigan as one of the leaders in our nation when it comes to bottle returns,” said Rep. Morse. “I look forward to working with Senator McCann and stakeholders to strengthen our return system and keep our environment clean.” 


Among other reforms, the bills would: 

  • Require universal redemption, allowing consumers to take any recyclable containers to a large store while allowing smaller stores to maintain smaller takebacks; 
  • Create a bottlehandling fund to reimburse distributors and dealers on a per-bottle-basis;
  • Make funding available for audits and fraud enforcement; and 
  • Provide $25 million each year to address contaminated sites.