LANSING, MI (March 8, 2023)Today, Michigan state Senator Mallory McMorrow (D-Royal Oak) released the following statement on the vote repealing the Michigan’s 1931 abortion ban:  

“The voters of Michigan sent a clear message in the 2022 election when they enshrined reproductive rights and abortion access into our state Constitution: women and families have the right to decide if and when to get pregnant, and deserve access to safe, secure healthcare in all reproductive decisions – without politicians. As elected officials, it is our duty to uphold the state Constitution and respect the will of the voters. Today, we did just that, and finally voted to get the archaic 1931 abortion ban off the books and ensure our laws align our Constitution. Unfortunately, every Senate Republican voted no, placing their own personal beliefs above the state Constitution and the will of the voters.  


“Our Democratic majority is proud to have turned the page on this archaic law to deliver on our promise to the people of Michigan: that our state will be one where everyone’s rights are protected and everyone will have the opportunity to thrive.”