DETROIT, Mich. (September 15, 2023) — In response to UAW auto workers declaring a strike after failing to reach an agreement before their contracts with General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Stellantis expired last night at midnight, State Senator Mallory McMorrow (D-Royal Oak) issued the following statement:

“Whether it’s automation and the shift to EVs in the auto industry, or the advent of streaming services stripping writers and actors of their ability to collect residuals in the entertainment industry, workers nationwide recognize their industries are changing quickly and they are getting left behind — all while CEO pay and stock buybacks soar,” said McMorrow. “At this pivotal moment, not only for the automotive industry but for the labor movement as a whole, I stand with workers.

We’ve seen growing momentum in the labor movement across the country and across industries. The UAW strike is the 17th strike involving more than 2,000 workers this year, as workers from television writers to Starbucks baristas to UPS drivers to auto workers band together to demand better working conditions, better pay and — most importantly — a just transition as every industry evolves.