Bills restore workers’ rights to speak with one voice to negotiate pay, benefits, ensure state pays a prevailing wage 


LANSING, Mich. (March 14, 2023) — Sen. Jeremy Moss (D–Southfield) issued the following statement on his vote to help restore workers’ rights in Michigan, joining his Senate Majority colleagues in passing Senate Bills 6 and 34, the Restoring Workers’ Rights package:     


After serving in the South Pacific during World War II, my grandfather Sol Moss returned home without a high school diploma and barely a penny to his name. He soon got a job as a delivery boy for a Detroit typesetting company where his dutiful work ethic caught notice of his boss, who would later offer him a job as a union typesetter. He was able to lift his young family into Michigan’s middle class because his union made sure he earned a living wage that he deserved for the skilled work he completed. 


My family’s story is one of the many in Michigan that show why unions matter. 


Organized labor has protected Michigan’s middle class for decades and has made sure that the wealthy and powerful don’t unilaterally set the terms and conditions for working people. Union protections have afforded the grandson of a typesetter to succeed way beyond Sol Moss’ hopes and dreams. 


For my grandfather and the many Michiganders who share our story, I proudly voted to restore workers’ rights in Senate Bills 6 and 34.”