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May 9, 2024 



LANSING, Mich. – Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced two investment projects in Oakland County helping to advance Michigan’s position as a high-tech hub for electric vehicle testing and defense and aerospace industries. In total, these projects will represent $12.7 million in capital investment, creating 85 new high-tech innovative jobs. 


“Today, we are announcing two investments in Oakland County creating 85 jobs and building on Michigan’s advanced manufacturing,” said Governor Whitmer. “Since I took office, we have secured more than 38,000 auto jobs, many building batteries and electric vehicles, and we have continued growing our strong defense and aerospace industries. We will keep competing with other states and nations to bring more jobs and projects home so we can help more workers and businesses ‘make it’ in Michigan.” 


“Team Michigan is excited to announce both LHP Engineering Solutions and Barron Industry Inc’s. investments in two key sectors in Michigan’s economic landscape,” said MEDC Senior Vice President of Regional Development Matt McCauley. “Commitments from companies like those announced today truly exemplify why Michigan is the ideal choice for companies looking to bring advance manufacturing to market.” 


LHP Engineering Solutions LLC, a provider of engineering services, training, and technology solutions to the transportation industry headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, is establishing a new electric vehicle testing and training center in the city of Pontiac. 


“This investment is a huge win, especially for Pontiac and its residents,” said state Senator Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield). “Pontiac has a long history of contributing to Michigan’s position as a global leader in automotive innovation and continues to evolve through our state’s transition to electric vehicles. I commend this progress that will create local jobs and will have a positive impact on the Pontiac community and throughout the state.” 


LHP recently formulated new goals focused on autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, connected vehicles and related technologies and plans to enhance and increase its EV products. The company is looking to renovate an existing facility in Pontiac that will include dedicated electric vehicle test labs. 


“This is a perfect example of how the state, in collaboration with local cities and counties, is becoming a global leader in mobility and vehicle electrification,” said Oakland County Executive Dave Coulter. “When LHP Engineering Solutions had a choice of where to locate its new electric vehicle testing and training center and the 35 high-wage engineering jobs that come with it, the company chose Pontiac over another site in Indiana. We welcome the investment and the confidence that LHP has in Michigan and Oakland County.”  


The project is expected to generate a total capital investment of $3.6 million and create 35 high-wage jobs with the support of a $500,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant. LHP chose Michigan for the project over a competing site in Indiana because of the existing customer demand it has already established in the state. 


The project builds on the state’s work to position itself as the global leader in the future of mobility and vehicle electrification. It will bring 35 high-wage engineering, testing, and support jobs to a geographically disadvantaged region and will solidify the company’s presence and future business in the state. 


“LHP Engineering Solutions is delighted to collaborate with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to develop our Michigan location as a premier center for the future of mobility,” said Steve Neemeh, CTO, LHP Engineering. “LHP’s decades of leadership in the vehicle controls space, coupled with our international partnerships with certification bodies, will enable our Michigan team to be at the forefront of the ever-evolving electrified power, hybrid, and autonomous revolution.” 


The city of Pontiac has offered permitting and assistance with finding candidates for the newly created positions. Click here for more information on careers with LHP Engineering. 


Barron Industries, Inc. is a family-owned producer of advanced metal castings for major manufacturers in the defense and aerospace industry and has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary in the Oxford community. The company is looking to grow by acquiring and incorporating new advanced metal 3D printing and machining equipment. To accommodate this new equipment, the company is building a new Advanced Aerospace Manufacturing Center with support from the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) in Oxford. 


“This project marks a significant milestone for Barron Industries and Oxford Township, showcasing the power of collaboration between local government and businesses,” said Oakland County Executive Dave Coulter. “As we celebrate their expansion into an advanced aerospace manufacturing center, we recognize Barron’s century-long commitment to excellence and innovation. Their continued contributions to Oakland County, both economically and through community engagement, exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurial success we champion.” 


The expansion is anticipated to generate $9.1 million in capital investment and create 50 new jobs with an average wage of $32.00 per hour plus benefits, which is above regional median wage of $23.26 per hour. To support this expansion in Oakland County, the MSF has awarded the company a $900,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant. 


“We appreciate MEDC’s support of Barron Industries in our next stage of growth and expansion in Oxford to open our Aerospace and Defense Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center,” said Bruce M. Barron, President/CEO of Barron Industries, Inc. “This support provides crucial funding for building and equipment early on in the launch while Barron aggressively onboards and trains the high-level technicians needed to staff the new facility.” 


Michigan’s defense and aerospace ecosystems continue to be a key industry in the state, with nearly 4,000 businesses that serve the defense, defense aerospace, and homeland security industries and over 690 Michigan businesses contribute to the aerospace industry. The defense industry contributes $30 billion in economic activity for the state of Michigan, supporting more than 116,000 jobs. 


Click here to explore career opportunities with Barron Industries.