Moss applauds passage of transparency bills from House committee with the Governor’s support

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield), a long-time proponent of increased transparency in state government, has issued the following statement regarding House Bills 4007-4016 passing the House Government Operations Committee this morning:

“I am so pleased to partner with Gov. Whitmer to repair the fundamental flaws in our state government that keep us last in the nation in ethics and accountability. Our current open records laws don’t actually inform the public about exactly what their elected officials do — and it’s time we catch up to the 48 other states who manage to make their transparency laws work. With the governor’s support for our bipartisan efforts, we have an opportunity to bring these bills forward and open up the inner dealings of government so our constituents know what we’re doing with their time and their dollars. I look forward, at long last, to ushering these bills through the state Senate.”

Sen. Jeremy Moss has been a leading proponent of increasing transparency in state government by introducing legislation to end the exemptions of the state legislature and governor’s office from public records requests every year he has been in office.


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