Moss on fast-tracking of Senate auto insurance plan

LANSING — Sen. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield) has issued the following statement after the Michigan Senate rushed through Senate Bill 1, which makes dramatic changes to Michigan’s auto insurance system by gutting no-fault and ends lifetime medical coverage for those injured in an automobile accident.

“Michigan ranks dead last among all 50 state governments in transparency and accountability, and this bill is a shining example of legislation that was kept in the dark until the last hour. This is no way to govern. Today’s vote doesn’t guarantee a rate reduction because it fails to address the rampant discrimination in billing that exists in and around our district. Rather, this legislation is cruel: It pulls the rug out from families who depend on high-quality medical coverage for auto injuries. I voted against this bill and remain rooted on the side of victims which, sadly, could be any one of us.

“I believe there is a way to lower our ridiculously high auto insurance bills without giving up our essential coverage. I will continue to be a consistent advocate to eliminate non-driving factors that keep our rates high based on a person’s ZIP code, credit score or education level. Michigan drivers deserve better, and they deserve a transparent process.”


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