Senator Moss Named 2019 AFL-CIO Legislator of the Year

LANSING — Sen. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield) has issued the following statement after the Michigan AFL-CIO today named him as one of their 2019 AFL-CIO Legislators of the Year. With the support of the Michigan AFL-CIO, he has led a bipartisan effort to expand accountability and transparency in state government, and has also been a strong advocate for expanding workplace protections to all working people, including members of the LGBT community.

“My family’s story is one of the many in Michigan that show why unions matter. My grandfather was able to lift his young family into Michigan’s middle class because his trade union made sure he earned a living wage that he deserved for the skilled work he completed. Union protections have afforded the grandson of a typesetter opportunities to succeed way beyond his grandfather’s hopes and dreams.

“I appreciate the continued support of the Michigan AFL-CIO in our joint mission to create a more fair, more honest system of government that seeks to protect Michigan families, their wages and their workplace standards.”


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