Moss Introduces Bill to Restore Free Speech in State Capitol

Legislation would remove ban on signs in the Capitol Building 

 LANSING — Today, Sen. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield) introduced a bill to end the ban on signs in the state Capitol building. 

“This morning, a Second Amendment rally will take place in front of the State Capitol and rally attendees will open carry inside the building. But every day here, visitors must leave any signs at the door because signs are the only items specifically prohibited upon entry,” Moss said. “As major retailers across the country have stated that open carry does not contribute to a safe environment, our building continues to only worry about poster board.” 

The policy on banning signs in the Capitol was created by the Michigan State Capitol Commission. The Moss bill would lift that ban, reinstating the public’s ability to exercise their First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech.  

The Michigan State Capitol Commission’s policy is opposite that of the U.S. Capitol Police, where visitors are permitted to carry signs, but firearms are banned on U.S. Capitol grounds.  

“Our priorities as a state are backwards if the only way you can bring a sign into our Capitol is to plaster it to the side of your gun. Lawmakers are tasked with applying our Constitutional rights evenly, yet the current policy diminishes our First Amendment right to free speech and assembly,” Moss added. “Let the signs in.” 

The Michigan State Capitol Commission includes the Secretary of the Senate, Clerk of the House, members appointed by both, as well as two individuals appointed by the governor.


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