Improve Michigan’s Reading Law

5,000. That’s the number of kids who could be held back if we fail to improve Michigan’s third-grade reading law now.  

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Retaining kids based solely on a test score isn’t innovation — it’s regression. 
Mandatory retention can yield negative effects on academic outcomes and psychological stress, even in elementary-aged students. Retention may also disproportionately penalize African American, special education and economically disadvantaged students.  
If we want to give every student the world-class education they deserve, it means doing away with our test-and-punish model and investing in education.  

Senate Bill 633 would eliminate mandatory grade retention based on a student’s test score, while still:   

  • Monitoring of student progress on reading abilities, using early literacy coaches and reading intervention programs;  
  • Providing K-3 teachers with professional development opportunities on reading; and,  
  • Notifying parents of early literacy delays and providing them with “Read at Home” plans.  

We cannot rely on a one-size-fits-all solution. Let’s give families and teachers the ability to tailor a path for every child to build the literacy skills they need. 

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