Dear Friends,

The past couple of years have taught us all so much about living life during a pandemic and, in the process, revealed just how tough Michiganders are. Thanks to the approval of the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, we’ve now been able to start getting back to enjoying all that our great state has to offer — visiting restaurants, going shopping, and attending movie theaters or concerts — with the company of friends and family! While there is still much to do before we can see the other side of this difficult time, it has been hopeful to see everyone working together as a community.

In this newsletter, you will find highlights about the historic Fiscal Year 2022 state budget, a recap of an enjoyable Community Day at the Capitol with my wonderful constituents, and legislative updates I’m proud to share from the past year.

The struggles of all Michiganders weigh heavily on my mind, and I want to specifically note that YOU — and your family — are who I fight for every day in Lansing.

Working for you,

Sylvia Santana
State Senator
3rd District

Toll-free: (855) 347-8003
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As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office at (517) 373-0990 or email me at if you have any questions, ideas to improve our community, or simply need assistance.


For the City of Detroit, please head to the city’s website,, and visit the COVID-19
Coronavirus Community Resources information
located on the Detroit Health Department page.

The city has many resource links related to COVID-19
testing times and locations, food resources, information
on eviction moratoriums, vaccination clinics, small business-related information on grants, and more that residents will find useful as we continue to get through these trying times.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation | 1-888-522-0103

How to protect your health, what to do when sick | 1-800-232-4636

The State of Michigan’s website has very important
information related to childcare, health care professionals, and community resources. | 1-888-535-6136

FAQs, latest information, testing sites near you | 1-888-535-6136

COVID-19 support resources for seniors, caregivers | 313-446-4444

Local dashboards, information, COVID-19 help hotline | 734-287-7870

Michigan Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division | 1-877-765-8388

Legislation Signed into Law

Senate Bill 700 (Public Act 389 of 2020) Part of the ‘Clean Slate’ legislative package, this bill requires to limit the use of secure juvenile detention facilities for status offenders.

Celebrating Community Day at the Capitol!

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021, I had the honor of hosting a group of community members from the 3rd Senate District during their visit to the State Capitol in Lansing. I always enjoy the opportunity to speak with residents of our communities, as your input is vital to ensuring my colleagues and I continue to deliver solutions to the problems that keep you up at night.

Senator Santana WORKING FOR YOU!

During emergencies, especially widespread disasters, it’s clear that our seniors need help navigating state bureaucracy and accessing available resources, so they can continue living
safely in their homes — and the legislation I’ve
introduced is designed to do just that.

-Senator Santana


Introducing legislation is one of the most important ways I can be of direct service to our community and its unique
circumstances or problems. Below is a brief — but not exhaustive — list of legislation I’ve introduced or been a part of on the issues most relevant to the people of our district:

Seniors SB620
Referred to the Senate Committee on Health Policy and Human Services
Sets up an elderly emergency aid program under the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

Mental Health Support SB321
Passed the Senate, referred to House Committee on Education
Requires the Michigan Department of Education to work with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, community mental health groups, and state associations representing mental health professionals to develop or adopt professional development standards for professional development for teachers on recognizing and addressing mental health needs.

This bill would also require coverage of both the identification of potential risk factors and warning signs for mental illnesses and strategies for helping an individual experiencing a mental health crisis. The risk factors identified would include, but not be limited to, depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis, eating disorders, substance abuse disorders, and self-injury. The strategies would include assessing risk, listening respectfully, supporting the individual, and identifying professional help and other resources for them.

In addition, this bill would give teachers the tools necessary to detect when students need extra attention and support in their learning, and help prevent fatal mental health crises from occurring.

Law Enforcement SB375
Passed out of committee, bill is on third reading
Allows law enforcement agencies that fund police training for recruits to enter agreements requiring reimbursement if the employee leaves the job within a certain amount of time, as specified in the bill.

Juneteenth SB74
Referred to the Senate Regulatory
Reform Committee Amends current law (Public Act 124 of 1865) to designate June 19, Juneteenth, a public holiday.

Women in the Workforce SB64
Referred to the Senate Committee on
Economic and Small Business Development

Requires corporations in Michigan to include at least one female on their executive board to reduce discrimination on the basis of sex in high-level corporate jobs.

Arab American Heritage Month
(Senate Resolution 40)
Recognizes April 2021 as Arab-American Heritage Month.

Distracted Driving
(Senate Resolution 44)

Commemorates April 30, 2021, as Distracted Driving Awareness Day.


This budget sets up support systems for so many Michiganders and provides substantial assistance to folks living with life-altering illnesses whose treatments may be expensive, especially for those without health care. There is no greater investment than that which is made into our people, and this budget reflects that priority — from our youngest to our oldest, to people on the frontlines, and those looking to retool their careers.

-Senator Santana

On Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021, I was proud to stand with my colleagues in the Michigan Senate in support of a Fiscal Year 2022 budget that includes critical investments in the kitchen-table issues that matter most to Michiganders, and that ensures a stronger, more resilient Michigan as residents continue to confront the challenges ahead.

As part of the state budget funding, I was able to secure a $6.7 million investment toward the Sickle Cell Disease Initiative. This money will expand treatment coverage to around 400 adults and increase outreach, along with clinical capacity, for the estimated 4,000 Michigan residents living with sickle cell disease so they can get the care they deserve.

Additionally, community health workers at Authority Health will receive $450,000 toward their efforts of improving the health of residents in the City of Detroit and Wayne County, and another $29.1 million was secured for the implementation of ‘Raise the Age’ criminal justice reform, which I spearheaded through the legislature in 2020.


$17.1 BILLION for Michigan’s K-12 schools

As part of this past year’s budget work, I was proud to cast a ‘yes’ vote for record school funding for our district’s students, teachers staff, and school administrators. Each of them has been pushed to their limits by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two academic years. The legislature and governor achieved a decades-long goal of closing the long-standing per-pupil foundation funding gap between school districts and while this unprecedented overall $17.1 billion education spending bill for Michigan’s K-12 schools was a great step in the right direction, we must also ensure it will be sustained into the future. There is still more work to be done and I look forward to working on long-term policy, with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, to provide our kids and schools with the greatest opportunities they deserve and need to be successful.