Budget includes funding to support public safety, higher education, health services, seniors’ needs, and more  

LANSING, Mich. (June 29, 2023) — Yesterday, Sen. Sylvia Santana (D-Detroit) and Rep. Alabas Farhat (D-Dearborn) and the Michigan Legislature passed the 2024 state budget, including over $159 million that they advocated for to support local residents and address the needs of their communities.  

The budget bills were House Bill 4437, which includes funding for all state departments for 2024, and Senate Bill 173, which covers school funding for the upcoming school year. Both bills passed the Senate with bipartisan support and were given immediate effect.   

“From my committee work on the Department of Health and Human Services to my votes yesterday, I have been fighting for the constituents and communities I represent throughout the budget process and am very pleased that we were able to deliver so many wins for the district,” said Sen. Santana, who chairs the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on the Department of Health and Human Services. “This budget invests in our state and our people, with a particular emphasis on equity and inclusivity to address the populations with the greatest needs.” 

“It’s been over 40 years since a Democratic trifecta has had the opportunity to put together a state budget — and the impact of the record investment will be transformational for our district,” said Rep. Farhat. “We’ve made our values clear in the budget — record investments in higher education, access to health care and millions more in infrastructure improvements. In the coming weeks, I’m excited to be out in the district talking about the major wins we achieved and to break ground on new investments we’ve made. Let’s be clear this budget is laying the foundation to build resilient communities in our state.” 

The budget funding Sen. Santana and Rep. Farhat secured for their constituents included:

  • $15.5 million for public safety, like funding for the Dearborn Fire Department upgrades and increased funding to the Dearborn Police Department; 
  • $14.5 million to fight substance use disorder, including money for ACCESS to specifically address this issue in the Arab community and funding for Team Wellness and Hype; 
  • $6.6 million for seniors’ needs, such as money to assist Detroit seniors with home renovations, expanding Senior University, and launching a grocery delivery pilot project;  
  • $17.5 million to support communities and address local residents’ needs, including funding for housing support, literacy programs, Brilliant Detroit, the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Michigan and more; 
  • $22.7 million focusing on health services, such as support for Corewell Health Psychiatric GME-Dearborn, American Indian Health and Family Services, Wayne County Children Developmental Milestones, healthy food in the community, medical debt relief, and Dearborn Health Initiative; 
  • $25 million for community infrastructure improvements, like repairs to Miller Road Bridge and updates to Henry Ford Museum; and 
  • $57.4 million for increased funding to higher education at University of Michigan-Dearborn and Henry Ford College.

“I am excited to see the continued investment in our community and our seniors,” said Kenyetta M. Campbell, Executive Director, Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance. “For so long, our community has not seen the investments that are sorely needed.  Seniors are the backbone of our community and with this budget our seniors will be able to thrive.” 

“I want to thank Sen. Santana and Rep. Farhat for helping us secure the funding to bring an evidence-based, integrated care coordination model like no other to our community,” said Maha Freij, President and CEO, ACCESS. “Our treatment center will focus on the unique needs of Wayne County residents and help patients return to independent functioning in their own homes with their loved ones.”