Santana: Confederate flags should not be allowed at the state Capitol

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Sylvia Santana (D-Detroit) issued the following statement today after she introduced a bill to ban the Confederate battle flag from display or use on the Capitol grounds or in the state Capitol Building: 

“The Confederate battle flag is viewed by many — regardless of gender, ethnicity, or political affiliation — as a symbol of hate and racism. It represents a tragic time in American history that led millions of Americans to fight and die against the oppression of slavery. Some claim it is a symbol of southern pride, however, Michigan’s role as a stalwart member of the Union during the Civil War should preclude those in Michigan claiming southern pride. As such, the display of the Confederate flag is an insult to the nearly 15,000 Michiganders who gave their lives to preserve the Union. This building and our Capitol grounds represent the values, morals, and conscience of Michiganders. There simply isn’t a need to allow such a divisive symbol to be used as a prop to knowingly, and purposefully, provoke anger and intimidation where we as legislators are all working together toward the common good for all Michiganders.”

The bill is in response to recent events at the Capitol that have highlighted the use and display of the Confederate flag at protests and in the Senate chamber.


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