Dear Neighbor,  

I hope this letter finds you and your family well. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve you and the 14th Senate District. So many good people are working hard to make this part of Michigan a great place to live, work, and play that it is a pleasure and honor to work with all of you. 

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has presented her executive budget. The Michigan Senate Democrats are looking forward to working with Gov. Whitmer to develop another state budget that continues to invest in our state’s most precious resource — our people.  

With the legislative year in full swing and Senate floor and committee activity ramping up, there is much to look forward to for 2024. This newsletter will inform you of some of the exciting things happening in the Legislature and throughout the 14th senate district. 

I appreciate hearing from you. I work hard to represent you and benefit from hearing your concerns and ideas (more on what we’ve accomplished below!). The best ways to connect with my office can be found below. For more frequent updates on what I am working on and where I am in the district, please follow my official Facebook page.  

Please visit my webpage at to check out my future events and sign up for my newsletter. 


Sue Shink State SenatorDistrict 14 





Featured in This Newsletter 

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  • Community Resources  
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Legislative Updates 



Governor Whitmer Presents the Executive Budget Recommendations  

Gov. Whitmer presented her executive budget recommendations. Each year, the governor’s recommendations outline her priorities for the state and help shape the fiscal year budget.  

Building a budget is a team effort. I am excited to work with Gov. Whitmer and my senate and house colleagues to develop a budget that is fiscally responsible and addresses the needs of Michiganders across our beautiful state. To learn more about executive budget recommendations and the state budget process, click here.  



Special Guests at the State of the State 

I spent some time catching up with my House colleague, Rep. Carrie Rheingans and guest Jackson Mayor Daniel Mahoney 

John Willis, a Jackson County Commissioner, and a DEI Officer at the City of Jackson enjoyed the State of the State with me as a guest. 

Bill and Kathy Sutherland from Norvell Township were two of my guests at the State of the State.    


State of the State 

During Governor Whitmer’s State of the State Address I listened intently while she laid out her plans for the upcoming year to increase investments in education, lower costs, bring more jobs to Michigan and much more. If you’d like to watch the State of the State address yourself, click here


Community Resources 


Earned Income Tax Credit Checks Sent to Michigan Families in February 2024 

On Tuesday, Feb. 12, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced that eligible Michigan families would begin receiving Working Families Tax Credit supplemental checks. The new checks are part of a $1 billion tax relief package signed into law last year that will help put an average of $550 back into the pockets of working families. 

Please note the Department of Treasury will automatically process checks for Michiganders who submitted their 2022 tax return and confirmed eligibility for the additional state credit. Checks will be mailed on a rolling basis as soon as they are printed. It is estimated to take between five to six weeks to print and distribute all payments. 

To qualify, individuals must meet certain requirements and file a federal income tax return, even if no tax is owed or there is no requirement to file a return. Eligible Michiganders do not need to submit any additional paperwork to receive the tax credit. However, if an individual has moved frequently or recently and has concerns about their address accuracy, Michiganders can manually update it here

Michigan’s Individual Income Tax Filing Season Officially Begins on January 29 

The Michigan Department of Treasury announced that Monday, Jan. 29, was the official start date of the 2024 tax season when the agency will begin processing individual income tax returns. 

Individuals can file their state income tax return online, with a tax professional or by mailing in paper forms and documentation. All state of Michigan income tax returns and payment of any taxes owed must be received by April 15, 2024. For the convenience of taxpayers, the state’s individual income tax deadline is the same date set by the Internal Revenue Service. To learn more, click here

Here are a few quick tips to help you maximize your state and federal tax return this year: 

  • Avoid scams: For federal returns, the IRS will only initiate contact with you through regular mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. Make sure you do not share your personal tax information via phone, email or social media. 
  • Utilize free resources: Michigan Free Tax Help connects Michiganders with free, high-quality income tax preparation assistance. Visit to find local help. 
  • Take advantage of available deductions: You can deduct charitable contributions, property taxes, medical expenses and more from your federal 2023 taxes. Visit for a full list. 


Recent Events 

Hearing the challenges and triumphs of our constituents is very important to me. I enjoy the lively conversation and the ability to update our neighbors on the work being done in Lansing. Coffee and Conversations are a regular part of ensuring residents’ voices are heard regarding the issues faced in the day-to-day. More events are coming in 2024. 


Coffee and Conversation, Vito’s Espresso, Spring Arbor, December 9, 2023

Coffee and Conversation, Lost Railway Museum, Grass Lake, January 8, 2024

Coffee and Conversation, Dexter Library, Dexter, February 23, 2024

Coffee and Conversation, Northfield Township and Senior Center, Witmore Lake, February 26, 2024