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One of the most important things the legislature is tasked with is creating and passing the state budget. The process begins in February and typically ends in June. We are in full swing with Appropriations subcommittees meeting to review the Governor’s recommendations, which were presented last month.  

If you are interested in following along with the process and seeing the most up to date information and resources, we have included a budget timeline along with resources below. 

Sign up for subcommittee and appropriations committee notifications: https://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(cfy1crap1h01upoi55yimftq))/mileg.aspx?page=listserverSignup  

Senate Fiscal Agency: https://www.senate.michigan.gov/sfa/  

State Budget Office: https://www.michigan.gov/budget/budget-documents  


Legislative Updates 

So far this year, I have sponsored key legislation that will help change the lives of Michiganders everywhere.  

I co-sponsored legislation regarding childcare camps — Senate Bill 692 and House Bills 4127 and 4128 — alongside Rep. Penelope Tsernoglou. These bills will help provide for the protection of certain individuals through the licensing and regulation of certain camps and camp programs and create a camp licensing fund. Children represent some of our most vulnerable communities and I will always advocate for the protection of youth in our state. I introduced Senate Bill 692 on the Senate floor in January, and I look forward to the entire bill package moving forward in the legislative process! 

On February 27, 2024, the Senate passed House Bills 4185, 4186, 4188 and 4190, along with Senate Bills 225226. This common-sense legislation will help protect Michigan municipalities, residents and asbestos abatement workers from the health hazards that can occur when asbestos removal is handled improperly. Ensuring the safety of our hardworking Michiganders and their environments is incredibly important to me. I applaud the leadership of my colleagues in the House and Senate! 



On February 29, 2024, the Senate Regulatory Affairs Committee held a hearing on Senate Bill 702. If passed, this bill would update the Occupational Code and increase the minimum hours of training for licensure as an instructor, manicurist, and esthetician. This will ensure the cosmetology industry remains competitive and accessible within the state of Michigan.   

President and Co-owner of Douglas J. Aveda Scott Weaver was able to provide testimony and speak as an industry expert. I appreciated his insight and look forward to the bill passing out of the Senate!  

To watch the full hearing, click here.  


Vegetable Council 

I want to thank those who came to my latest voting rights town hall at the DeWitt Township Community Center on February 15! We had great attendance and were able to hear directly from amazing panelists such as Lansing League of Women Voters President (LWV) Donna Mullins and EP Counsel of Promote the Vote Mackenzie Welz on how to best uphold democracy at the ballot box.  


United Resiliency Visit on One-Year Remembrance of Michigan State University Tragedy

My colleagues and I visited the United Resiliency Center located just off of Michigan State University‘s campus — marking the first anniversary of the tragic shooting that impacted and claimed innocent lives. The center serves to address the needs of the MSU community through a free helpline and victim advocacy services and support. It is now officially open to the general public.  

To learn more about the center and its work, please click here.  


Haven House with Rep. Tsernoglou

Rep. Tsernoglou and I recently visited Haven House, a shelter within our district. Their dedication and commitment to providing families with temporary housing is incredibly inspiring!  

I was honored to also offer them a tribute for their hard work over the years. To learn more about Haven House, click here.  




Tax Help and Resources 

It’s tax season! Remember that the deadline to file state and federal taxes is April 15. If you have questions about filing your taxes or want to check your refund status, view account information and more, click here

Michigan families began receiving Working Families Tax Credit supplemental checks earlier this month. If you are a qualified recipient and believe there was an issue with getting your check, the Michigan Tax Help Center may be able to provide additional help. Read my Tax Tips newsletter here.