March 31st is the Deadline for Tax Foreclosure Prevention Options

March is a crucial month for property taxpayers across the state. This is the month when time is getting urgent for homeowners who are behind on their property taxes. Many people are facing foreclosure and are running out of time to use any of the possible tax foreclosure prevention measures available with their county treasurer’s office.

In Macomb and Wayne Counties, options are still available, but again, time is running out. You must make arrangements by the close of business on Friday, March 31, 2023, for delinquent taxes or face stiff consequences, such as losing your property.

I do not want to see any of our neighbors lose their homes nor jeopardize the safety and security of their families. The Michigan Homeowner Assistance Fund has assistance available. To apply, go to and fill out the form. Below are additional possible resources and options from your local county treasurer’s office. Please share this message with your friends and neighbors.

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For Macomb County Homeowners:

As part of the foreclosure judgment, you can redeem your property by paying the 2020 and prior year property taxes and penalties by March 31, 2023.

The first step is to obtain the balance of your 2020 and prior year property taxes. You can find that balance using the property address at Once on the website, you can search by entering the owner’s name, property address, or parcel numberin the box near the top of the page.

Determine if you need more time to pay and request a hardship extension. The Treasurer’s office will work with you to develop a payment plan. You can fill out the Treasurer’s office request form at, and you will be contacted by their office.

If you are unable to fill out the request form, you can download the Application for Hardship Extension, which is available at Please make sure you fill out the application completely, submit all requested documents, and sign the application. You will need to deliver the completed application to the Macomb County Treasurer’s office at 1 S. Main St., 2nd Floor, Mt. Clemens, or email the forms

Hardship extensions are available for owner occupied homes and businesses in limited circumstances.Rental properties are not eligible for extensions.

Lastly, call the Macomb County Treasurer’s office at (586) 469-5446to schedule an appointment to meet with a tax consultant.


For Wayne County Homeowners:

The Wayne County Treasurer’s Office offers various plans to assist distressed taxpayers with paying delinquent taxes. Homeowners are urged to go to the Treasurer’s website at to view the list of available options.

The Michigan Homeowner Assistance Fund has assistance available for 2019, 2020, or 2021 Wayne County property taxes. To apply, go to or call (313) 388-9799 for more information.