Wojno bill to combat opioid overdoses becomes law

LANSING — Sen. Paul Wojno (D-Warren) is one step closer to helping save the lives of opioid addicts after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer today signed Senate Bill 200 into law as Public Act 36 of 2019.

Introduced in March 2019, the bill package — that included Senate Bill 200 sponsored by Sen. Wojno, as well as Senate Bills 282 and 283 (Public Acts 37 and 38, respectively), and House Bill 4367 (Public Act 39) — will expand who can administer naloxone and require individuals to be trained in administering the anti-drug. The legislation also protects employees from civil liability if injuries or damages result from the naloxone administration under certain circumstances.

“For years, opioids have been destroying our communities through addiction and overdoses,” Sen. Wojno said. “I’m grateful that the Governor agrees with this legislation and understands how important it is for us to become proactive in reversing overdoses, and not just preventing them.”

Under the new laws, trained individuals at governmental organizations, life support agencies, municipal corporations or political subdivisions will be allowed to administer naloxone in the event that an individual experiences an overdose.  

“As a lawmaker, it’s my job to serve my community and the state of Michigan, and in my experience, opioids are one of the most relevant issues we face in Macomb County,” Sen. Wojno said. “If we can save just one life with these laws and spare families unspeakable heartache, then this a step in the right direction in helping to alleviate this crisis.”

Drug overdoses have been particularly bad in Michigan where, in 2017, there were 2,033 overdose deaths. Synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl, have been a larger part of that, accounting for 1,368 deaths that same year — roughly an 1,800% increase since 2012.


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