Senator Wojno Calls on Congress to Preserve, Protect Social Security

LANSING, Mich. (June 10, 2021) — Sen. Paul Wojno (D-Warren) today introduced a resolution calling on Congress to reject attempts to weaken, cut, or privatize Social Security so that its benefits remain protected for current and future generations of working Americans.

Senate Resolution 65 would ensure the longevity of the Social Security Administration so hardworking Americans can look forward to a secure, financial retirement.

“Social Security is one of our country’s greatest tools to provide seniors with a reliable source of income after a lifetime of hard work,” Sen. Wojno said. “In a country where politics are so divided, supporting Social Security is one of the few things everyone can agree on. Any attempts to privatize or cut benefits will be met with fierce opposition, as 96% of Americans find Social Security to be one of our country’s most important benefits.”

The Social Security Administration supports American seniors and has been a critical safety net for seniors and local economies since it was founded in 1935. There are nearly 70 million Americans who receive benefits each month, including 8.2 million people who receive disabled-worker benefits.

“Despite some shortcomings, Social Security is a vital program that has functioned successfully for 80 years,” Sen. Wojno added. “I’m disheartened by attacks on it and some claiming there is a ‘crisis’ that doesn’t exist. Adjustments need to be made since baby boomers are retiring and people are living longer, but this program is a government guarantee of security that helps lift 462,000 Michiganders above poverty more than any other program out there.”

Republicans have been waging a war against the Social Security Administration as recently as the former presidential administration. Last August, U.S. senators seriously considered trying to gut Social Security under cover of the coronavirus pandemic by proposing to suspend or eliminate the payroll tax on which the program depends. In his budget recommendations, the previous president proposed cuts that could exceed $2 trillion over 10 years.

“Social Security is a safety net that does not need to be subjected to private enterprise and a stock gamble,” Sen. Wojno said. “No one should have to take bets on whether they’ll be able to afford retirement and this resolution sends that message to our leaders on Capitol Hill.”

SR 65 was referred to the Senate Committee on Government Operations.


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